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Maid of Honor's Close Encounter With a Snake Freaks Out Guests

We can't believe this actually happened.

Normally it's the bride walking down the aisle that captures everybody's attention. The situation was a little different though at @allyadu's wedding. Her TikTok has almost 5 million views, so you know it's a good one!

The wedding had just started, and the video shows one of the bridesmaid's walking down the aisle. It's a windy day, and the bridesmaid's dress blows in the breeze. Next, it's time for the Maid of Honor to walk the aisle. And did she turn some heads!

Okay, it actually wasn't her turning heads, it was the snake! And the MOH didn't even seem to be concerned about it crossing her path at all. We would've freaked out, as did some of the guests! @Alexa commented, "She was so calm, I would’ve screamed and jumped and ran!" Same here, Alexa. Same here. @Trisha Smith972 added, "She was so calm!! Imagine if it were one of the groomsmen they would’ve shrieked like a little girl!"

We wonder what the bride thought when she saw that! Or did she miss it completely? We have questions! So does @Karma, "Girl the way I would’ve been googling, “what does it mean when a snake crosses your path”" @Bryony_Jane made us laugh with, "Who invited the ex??!" Mina pointed out, "That’s a winning photograph right there!", as did @Nerelda who said, "Your photographer did a great job with that capture!"

And many commenters continued to share about how they would've freaked out. We got to hear directly from @Maddie, the Maid of Honor! She wanted to let everyone know, "Hiiiiiiii it's me the MOH + the bride's little sister! I was born the Chinese zodiac year of the snake, so this is good luck for me LOL" Well we're glad she looked on the bright side and was able to walk without losing her cool!