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Woman Shares Why She Lost Her Sex Drive at 36

Many women, at some point, will struggle with highs and lows when it comes to their sex drive. But what does it mean when you libido completely plummets, and doesn't return? 

TikToker @beingmarcellahill shares her story  about how her sex drive took a nose dive into nonexistence, and what she did to turn that around might surprise you! 

Hats off to her for being so open and transparent about her experience! It's great that she took charge and investigated into the root cause of what was killing her sex drive. So many women will come face to face with this challenge, yet there's still such little knowledge being shared about how our bodies work. However, she decided to dig deeper and as a result, found a solution. 

Sadly, many women listening can relate to issues related to decreased sex drive.  Commenter @silvermist_101 says, "27 and I barely feel to be intimate with anyone." Some are resonating with the proposed solution as well. User @aprilb54 says, "I did this 5 months ago. She’s absolutely telling the truth!!!" That is great to hear! Finally, some are chiming in to show respect for not giving up on the marriage. Commenter @richieja says, "It's good you held out and worked on are a rare gem....your husband is lucky." 

We have to wonder how many women have dumped their boyfriends or even exited their marriage because they mistakenly thought the magic was gone. It just goes to show, where there's a will, there's a way. Now, we're taking bets that women everywhere are going to be investigating more into hormonal therapy to see if it works as well for them. 

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