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Man Dishes on Whether Men Lose Interest After Sex Early On

It's good to get a guy's perspective.

We've said it before and we'll say it again, we like @Sabrina Zohar's honest, authentic dating advice. She's not a therapist or dating coach or anything like that, but she always keeps it real...and that's often hard to find.

In this video, she's talking to her friend Justin, and hits him with a question he says that he didn't know he was going to be asked about. The question is basically this: does a guy lose interest if a woman sleeps with him on the first or second date? The conversation they have about it is pretty interesting.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with what they have to say? The caption reads, "Yea yea post nut clarity whatever, if a guy loses interest that quick, consider it a favor." We tend to agree with that.

Comments were all over the place. @Adriana says, "Yes in 99% of the cases it will, stop convincing yourselves it won’t. Make him fight for you and make effort." Sabrina was surprised by her strong reaction to the video and replied, "Yikes, sorry that’s how you think. I’m dating someone now and we slept together first date so hate to break it to you, you’re incorrect." @ARP1976 shares, "Recent experience says it’s more about the intent and connection. If he just wants that he may stick around awhile of there aren’t other options. Time doesn’t really matter." 

We liked @johnnymaxim's comment, "Personally, I don’t lose interest because of this reason. I find myself losing interest with lack of intelligent, deep conversation." Sabrina agreed and replied, "AMEN! People miss the point, the act of sex doesn’t turn someone off, there’s so much more." We agree with that statement!

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