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Woman's Long-Term Breakup Advice Is Something We Should All Hear

Breakups are often difficult and painful occurrence in our lives, especially when they happen after a long-term relationship. They can overwhelm you with a cocktail of emotions that can cause an impact on your overall mental and physical well being. So what do you do when the grief from a breakup gets the best of you? 

TikToker Jenn Maxwell sheds some light on this topic by sharing her story as well as bit of sage advice that we could all use when the situation calls for it. 

It definitely seems like she's been through it. I love how she says, "I can laugh about it so I don't cry" since approaching breakups with humor can be very therapeutic. We can also appreciate her transparency and vulnerability here, and it's really nice to know she's come to a mindset shift that has brought her peace. 

There are quite a few commenters who understand this mindset shift as well. Commenter @mrgilles1996 shares a solid adage, “I was fine before him, I’ll be fine after him” is my motto." Viewer @stephisyoungg says, "This is really great advice. But you also are allowed to feel your emotions & go through the stages of grief." This is good point because processing and expressing your emotions is important. It's ok to feel it, but then move forward. 

Going through a breakup with someone you care about can be challenging, and sometimes it can seem like nothing will be the same again. However, things often have a way of working themselves out in the end. Maybe you'll get back together with that person or maybe you don't. Maybe instead, you'll move on to someone else who you become happy with and you can't imagine living without. Whatever happens, understand that you're going to be just fine.