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Woman's Surprise Proposal in Her Hometown Couldn't Be Sweeter

Her long-distance boyfriend wanted to catch her off guard.

We're not crying, you're crying! Okay, we actually did tear up watching this sweet proposal video that @lexatartaro shared. According to her caption, she's been with her boyfriend for 7 years, but they have a long-distance relationship. 

Her boyfriend set up a surprise proposal in her hometown. Clearly by the look on her face she was not expecting it! It gives us all the feels every time we watch it! The look on her face is initially one of confusion, but the realization of who it is takes over and you can see the love spread across her face!

Is the not the best thing you've seen all day? When she realizes it's him, and she runs towards him? Then when he holds her face? Swoon! Of course, when he drops to his knee we know what's next and were excited to see her reaction. 

@Jacq was just as smitten, "My heart is MELTING!" @pj00722 also had the feels, "Awwwwww! Congratulations!!!!! How romantic!!!!!!" As expected, there were tons of congratulations comments, as well. And lots of champagne emojis.

We were surprised by the number of commenters who recognized the gazebo and the town they were in. @MissAmy says, "Amherstburg made TikTok!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!" @megbee recognized it too, "OMG Amherstburg no way! lol My hometown!" Another commenter says, "I got married in that gazebo in 2006! Navy yard park Aburg! Good luck to you guys all the best!" And @Ashley Santaro asks the question we were all wondering: "You’ve never lived in same place for 7 years!? Who’s gonna move?"

Congrats and best of luck to these two! We're so glad they shared such a special moment with us.