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Little Girl's Speech Totally Steals the Show at Her 'Auntie's' Wedding

Best wedding speech ever!

Okay, you might actually need a tissue by the end of this video! @Brooke Eden shared a video of her wedding to her girlfriend. They asked their 5-year-old niece to say something at the ceremony, and what she said melted our hearts!

A little bit of background - Brooke is a country music singer. If the officiant looks familiar, it's because it's Trisha Yearwood! And they also had someone famous sing at their wedding, you might know him or at least have heard of him - Garth Brooks! Dang, we guess it really is all about who you know! Now back to the niece, Colbee. Colbee has lots to say about her aunties, but what she says at the end brought us to tears! 

Isn't she the sweetest? "Let's get these aunties married!" So cute! And she stole her hearts when she said that her Aunt Hils could steal her auntie forever...swoon! She's an absolute doll with such a huge heart!

@Veryberrycherrygirl said what we were all thinking, "I can’t believe she remembered all that she’s so smart and well spoken, love this, and congratulations on the marriage." @Mental Hippie wasn't wrong when she said, "She’s a better public speaker than me at age 26. Love her for that." @Steph added, "Oh you can tell she practiced so hard for this, and that she loves you guys so much!" @Sarita shared, "her voice is so sweet!"

And @Kelly Rogers says, "This is what it’s all about. Acceptance and unconditional love." @Kevin sums it up well with, "Awesome little one...a lot of adults can learn from you ... gr8 job." We were glad not to see one negative comment at all. Congrats to the aunties on their marriage! 

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