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Little Boy's Reaction to Seeing His Parents Dancing and in Love Is Everything

They're setting such a wonderful example for him.

Okay, this one got us right in the feelers! This little boy is SO CUTE! And we aren't the only ones who think so because this video that @Britnee Kent shared has over a million views!

Britnee and her husband asked their son to film a video of them dancing. What he didn't know is that mom flipped the camera on him so they could see his reaction while he watched them dance. His smile is going to melt hearts when he gets older, but the best part of the video isn't his smile. Just watch!

Is this not the cutest thing ever? The adoration and love in his eyes! Swoon! Our favorite part though is the giggle. That giggle is everything! And when he says "No she's my girl?" Lordy! Our hearts were ready to burst out of our chests! This little boy wins the internet today for sure!

And we weren't the only ones melting. People definitely saw this as #parentinggoals. @Trin is spot on with, "The adoration in his eyes for the two of you, definitely teaching him at a young age what love is supposed to look like! So pure." @Jessalyn Mara Roussi also nails it by saying, "And THIS is why we grow up as adults based on what we SAW and heard. It’s so important for children to see love and healthy relationships."

Of course, there were hundreds of comments saying how cute and sweet his response was. @Mikenna Varso says, "He is clearly going to grow up and become such a gentleman!" @Ricky Manning made us want to hug him when he wished, "God dude, I wish I had this so bad growing up." And @Judit Mozsolics adds, "Omg I don’t want a marriage if it is not like this!" 

We didn't read through all 700 comments (that would be weird) but from what we did read, there was not one negative comment. And how could there be? This video was perfect on so many levels!