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Couple Restages Wedding So Groom's Little Boy Can 'Marry' the Bride

This is just too cute for words!

If this TikTok doesn't make you tear up, you may not have a soul. This is the sweetest video we've ever seen! @kmgreenway shared a video of her wedding day when she got married...twice!

Her caption reads, "He was upset his daddy got to marry me and he didn’t… so we had a remake just for him." We love the look on the little groom's face! He is so happy to be getting married!

We're not crying, you're crying! Don't you just love it? The best part is when his dad had to help him put the ring on her finger. But we lost it when he kisses and hugs her. We can't even with how wonderful this is!

And with over 3.5 million views and 11 thousand comments, a lot of other people love it too. @Denise English pretty much sums up our feelings with, "Yes I’m balling this early watching this! This is the sweetest thing I have seen! Wish all of you many years of happiness." @Amanda Howell says, "This is going to be a core memory for him. This is so beautiful!" @myztic1 did something similar at his wedding, "I had vows and rings for both my wife and daughter." @Caitlyn Krueger's comment was adorable, "My little brother used to steal my grandparents' rings and ask my grandma to marry him lol" 

@Sarah Francoeur had a sweet comment with, "Oh my heart. My son used to cry and cry because daddy married me, and he couldn’t. This is beautiful!" @Shutterfly even had a comment! They said, "We’re not crying, you’re crying. Sweetest thing ever!" And @Bridgettepieceofmin is all of us when she says, "Waaaaait!! Look his lil boots!!! Now I’m overwhelmed with this cuteness!!! He’s just toooo cute!" We feel the exact same way!

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