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Apparently People Are Trying to Make 'LinkedIn' a Dating Site Now

This guy slid right into her DMs.

Interesting. We had no idea that people were actually using LinkedIn as a new dating app, but here we are. 

TikToker @Tay recently shared a short and sweet video of a guy sliding into her DMs on LinkedIn to ask her out. LinkedIn. The professional networking site. For professionals. Like, people who work. People who are looking to expand their business network, not their dating network. Apparently though, David is clueless. Or maybe David's had success with this method in the past?

Tay's response had us cheering, "I'm going to assume you're absolutely oblivious to how unprofessional and inappropriate this is, but to save other girls the trouble in the future if this is your MO, this is not a dating app." Way to go!

Commenters though were split on whether or not this was an okay approach. @tigerduo145 says, "chill it’s not that serious. just laugh and move on.", as does another commenter who writes, "“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”-Wayne Gretzky - Michael Scott -David from LinkedIn" That made us laugh, and a lot of commenters appreciated this comment - it has 351 likes! And @pt asks, "If this is the only way he can make an approach to contact you since that’s how you guys met I don’t see how this would be a problem."

@AJ Sonnick shared, "Networking gone wrong." but @giona offers, "I met my bf through LinkedIn." @jess agrees with Tay, "The desperation to be reaching on LinkedIn." 

Our favorite comment though comes from @Tara & Olivia, "Slay tho queen love the reply!" We did too, Tara and Olivia! Wonder if David changed his ways or if he's still using LinkedIn as the new Hinge.

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