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Woman Explains the 10 Different 'Levels' of Being Single

Typically, we think of being single as being "not in a relationship," but there may be more to singledom than meets the eyes. One woman claims there are several levels to being single that defines the various phases one goes through when they're unattached. 

TikToker @singleinla breaks down the ten levels of being single, and let's just say, she's not wrong about these. 

The accuracy! We can't think of anyone else who has ever put it this way, but it makes total sense. It's understandable how as we move though time in being single, there will be stages varying from loneliness to acceptance, and maybe back again, much like the five stages of grief. 

Many viewers are finding this phenomenon interesting. User @ctlcctlvfu says, "Level 11: there’s literally no options. No one texting you. Your dog is your bff and you stay in most nights." Commenter @bobsbaken713 says, "I really feel that we have a loneliness epidemic in America and there’s nowhere to meet people organically." Relatable! 

Viewer @gingerbugcrypto asks, "Where does 'you make peace with being alone and contemplate buying a llama farm' fit in to the levels? That’s where I am." Commenter @laramie..shaffer says, "There are good guys on apps they just aren't making 100k and 6'. I make 74k...descent looking, but I'm 5'6" get passed over a lot." 

If you're single, can you identify which level you're on? When we become more aware of what phases in life we're currently in, it can help us understand our emotions, heal wounds, and embrace the natural state of the present moment. 

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