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Woman Believes Her Late Brother Basically Hand-Picked Her Current Boyfriend

This is just way too coincidental.

Talk about a coincidence! @Lane shared a 5 second TikTok that blew up and now has over 3 million views. The topic was about how her late brother basically picked her current boyfriend for her. It was serendipitous!

The video shows Lane eating lunch, with writing over the top of the video that says, "My brother passed away 18 years ago, and a stranger sat with him in his last moments of life. 15 years later I start dating a guy. Turns out my boyfriend's grandpa happened to be that 'stranger'". Pretty incredible, right! 

Commenters loved the story. @Wood says, "6 degrees of separation. Crazy!" @BlueDragonWitch adds, "It's true everything's connected. I've had dreams that later came true. Not good dreams." @Eve Rainwater had a similar experience, "10 years before I met my husband, his beautiful father changed my tire on the side of the road." @Brittany adds, "My uncle had a tree fall on him in the woods while he was alone, some miracle a logger found him and carried him out. That stranger is my fiancé's dad."

We couldn't agree more with @Bria who says, "Omg the comments. Nothing is coincidence and it’s all so interesting." It really is and we loved reading all the comments and the coincidences.

Lane and her boyfriend are still dating 3-1/2 years later. The video left commenters with one big question: How did you figure that out? Lane explains in another video, and it was another coincidence. You can check it out here. 

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