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Kate Hudson's Video About Partner's 'Annoying' Quirk Makes Us LOL

We cannot stop laughing at this!

If you're in a long-term relationship - or at least past the new love phase - you'll totally get this TikTok that @thekatehudson posted of her boyfriend, Danny!

Kate and Danny have been dating since 2017, so they're way past the point of only seeing stars in the eyes of each other. They, like all couples who have been together forever, get on each other's nerves. They annoy each other. That's part of love too! The look on her face definitely says it all!

All the poor guy is trying to do is eat a burger. Unfortunately, the fact that food gets stuck in his beard annoys Kate to no end, and she can't hide her annoyance! We get it! 

And fans have her back. @Tricia Willy Unger shouts, "Does he not see it? DOES HE NOT SEE IT!" @Melissa Anderson says, "It’s comforting knowing I’m not the only one who has one of these." @Lane gets it too, "The way I can hear my husband eating chips from miles away." @Misskatedesigns admits, "That’s why I don’t take my man out in public to eat… (jokes)" with a laughing emoji.

Leah grossed us out by keeping it real, "Trying to kiss you an hour later when we ALL know there’s sauce remnants dried around the lip. Yuck. My husband" And @Tracy catches this, "His grin… he knows what he’s doing!" We hadn't noticed before, but she's right! @Sunnybuns also made us laugh: "2 decades married here. I feel the irritation for you."

Two of our favorite comments were from @HokasMommy, "When I was still having menstrual cycles...this behavior almost caused my husband to be unalived in 2007." and @Kisha Harrison Balas, "If only the condiments had a good sense of direction. Amirite?" 

Everybody kept the comments light and fun. It's a good TikTok for anybody who needs a pick-me-up!