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Woman Finds Out Dude Is Two-Timing Her All Thanks to the Jumbotron

The "talking" stage of a new relationship can be full of fun and excitement.  The connection is building up and gaining momentum, and things seem promising for the near future - that is, until you catch them in public, with someone else! 

To her unpleasant surprise, TikToker @madelinemae13 reacts to seeing her guy on the Jumbotron at a hockey game, and as you can tell by the look on her face, she's not impressed. 

Yikes! This must have felt like a real kick in the stomach. It's not easy to see someone you're talking to out on a date with someone. However, that's the reality of the situation if you're not exclusive. Though it may sting, it gives the insight you need to understand your emotions and what you want with the person you're seeing. This may be a sign that you want more commitment. 

It looks like viewers resonate with her experience as well. Commenter @whiskeysouthdesignco says, "This happened to me and they were on the kiss cam." Ouch! That must have been difficult. Some commenters seem to believe this incident speaks for the city's overall dating climate. User @fishforfifth says, "This describes Nashville dating perfectly." Another TikToker, @paytonbierk adds, "NO… this would be my villain origin story." We couldn't blame you there. 

If you want to be the only one in someone's life, you have to speak up. You have to have that talk about exclusivity. Never just assume they aren't seeing anyone else because if they have the opportunity to date other, they will likely explore it. 

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