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JoJo Siwa's Romantic Surprise for Her Girlfriend Has Us Swooning

What a wonderful girlfriend she is!

Awwww! This is the sweetest. @JoJo Siwa and her girlfriend Avery recently celebrated one month of togetherness as a committed couple. She wanted to do something special for Avery. We get it! Celebrating those milestones is important.

Avery thought they were doing a beach date. The video shows them getting ready, packing their stuff, and stopping for sandwiches before they get to the beach. That's when the surprise happens!

When they get to the beach, Avery sees that JoJo had already set up a surprise romantic picnic date for them! There's a little teepee and blankets, pillows, and umbrellas. There are flowers and food and cute little cowboy hats for them to wear. You can tell that they are HAPPY! 

And fans are swooning! @Gyp shares, "This is why my standards are high because JoJo knows what’s up." @Tricia Goldsmith says, "You both look so happy!" while @Ashley Blevens adds, "My absolute FAVORITE couple!! Love them so much."  Avery even comments, "The sweetest girl ever!" 

Others thought maybe the surprise was going to be bigger. @Kaylee Orr says, "I was really thinking there was gonna be a proposal" as did @Antonio Chavez who laughs, "Not me thinking she was gonna propose. Bye hahaha"

And of course, there are always commenters who have to say things about it only being a month, what's the big deal? Why these people feel they need to waste their time leaving a comment instead of scrolling past is a mystery. We aren't the only ones who feel that way. @laughbreak adds, "For people bothered: it doesn’t affect your life in anyway, don’t give it your time and just scroll." @Sarah Sidwell tries to clear the confusion by saying, "For everyone saying it’s ONLY BEEN A MONTH, it’s been a month since Avery asked JoJo to be her girlfriend officially."

Either way, we think this was the cutest romantic surprise date! We're still over here swooning and thinking about our first loves.