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President Biden Sweetly Describes the First Time He Met First Lady Jill

What a sweet story.

This is such a sweet love story! President Biden and Frist Lady Jill Biden recently sat down with Drew on @thedrewbarrymoreshow to talk about how they met. The President leads the story, and it is really a great one!

We always like hearing about how couples meet, and we hadn't heard the Biden's story before. The best part is when he talks about what his boys told him about Jill.

What a great story! They met on a first date, and he says that he knew right away that she was the one for him. He fell in love immediately. He asked her 5 different times to marry him, and she turned him down 4 times before finally saying yes!

We love when he talked about his boys - then 6 and 7 or so - wanted to talk to him and were encouraging each other to say how they felt. And when he finally told them to just tell him, they said, "We think we should marry Jill." That got us right in the heart! 

Another sweet part of the interview is when he says that he asked Jill, "How can you agree to marry me when you know how much I loved my first wife?" Her response is everything, "If you loved that deeply you can love that way again." That got us right in the heart again!

And while comments for the post were turned off, we still enjoyed watching the video and listening to them talk about how their love grew. That's really what it's all about isn't it?

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