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Jenna Bush Hager's Story About Husband Sneaking Out of the White House Is Priceless

We're so here for this!

Have you ever got caught sneaking in or out of your boyfriend or girlfriend's house? We bet it wasn't anything like Jenna Bush Hager shared on @hodaandjenna's TikTok page!

Jenna describes how her now-husband had to sneak out the White House, and it's pretty hysterical! After a fun night out at the bars, they came home...yes, to the White have a little sexy time. What happens next is great.

Yep, after a fun night out and probably too much to drink, they fell asleep. And the next morning he had to sneak out of the White House! Jenna telling the story is just as funny as the actual story!

Of course the commenters didn't disappoint, either. @CeraBelle jokes, "I’ve never heard of a White House walk of shame." @Alli also laughed, "The fact that he had to do a walk of shame from the LITERAL White House has me dying." And @CarrieMeAway pointed out, "You know that somewhere that whole thing was caught on security cameras. lol"

@blondestronaut shared, "I had the opportunity to meet Laura Bush a few years ago and she had so many great stories about the girls living in the WH!", while @Amy Cox adds, "I see the age gaps in the comments. Us oldies remember the tabloids having fun over the Bush girls." And @Cassie says, "I know the butlers & residence staff are fiercely loyal but mannnnnn to know the things they know would be so cool lol."

We expected more comments of people sharing their own walk of shame stories, but they were few and far between, as in we couldn't find any! But @Mary Beth (MB) Easler won the comment award with: "I seriously need a part 2. I need to know how her parents responded when they heard this!" We were thinking the same thing!