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Video Showing Reality of How Girlfriends in Italy Live Makes Us So Envious

Italian dudes could teach U.S. men a thing or two.

Wow! Dating in Italy makes us think we are missing out on something! @carloandbailey recently shared a video showing the difference between dating in the US and dating in Italy, and we were surprised!

Without giving too much away, let's just say it looks like the men take the lead on a chore that is usually considered a woman's chore in the US. Bailey's caption says a lot, "I’m convinced Italian men are the cream of the crop. Every day my opinion of American men drops lower and lower." We're not gonna lie, we are a bit envious after watching 8 seconds of life with an Italian boyfriend

So the girlfriends get to sit around and drink wine while the guys do the cooking? We're in! @Alessia Golina shares, "My Italian boyfriend does the same! They are few, but they exist." @Chang says, "Mine's American with Italian values.Thank you jerseyyy!" @Deadly Queen made us laugh with, "I wouldn't know what to do with myself." And @Italian Dork points out, "My experience as a young Italian woman is that it's not like that in smaller cities. Unless said girls are guests, the comfort of guests is a priority."

But not all commenters were so supportive or envious. @whew strongly says, "I assure you they are not cream of the crop." @Silvia shares, "This was unfortunately not how my northern Italian family was. And I actually feel like my experience was pretty common." @Sunshine says, "It’s the other way around." and @ele wants to know, "what Italian men did you meet?"

People were all over the board with their thoughts about Bailey's caption. @nta nguyen points out, 'very funny how there's a slight change of role and people are pissing off." and @Francisco Rios made a good point when he shared, "I cannot wrap my head around cultural gender roles."

If nothing else, Bailey definitely struck up a conversation about differences...whether they're good or bad is a choice that everyone has to make for themselves.

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