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Wife Gives Husband the 'Index Card Challenge' and He Loses Miserably

This poor guy will never get over this one.

Oh boy! This guy is visibly upset that he lost this index card challenge, and we can't blame him!

Ryan and Jen Hamilton are the hilarious couple behind @TheRealHammyTV, and people love them. You can find them on YouTube, Instagram, and of course TikTok. The couple shares all kinds of funny stories and pranks. But this one where Ryan has to pick a card, one good and one bad, had us rolling!

His choices were either do the dishes or get a 'BJ'. He absolutely chose the wrong card, but his wife was probably fine with his selection! When he saw the other card and knew he messed up, he was not happy about it and screamed into a pillow. 

With over 5 million views, commenters everywhere could feel his pain. @Dee Lane Arts shares, "Almost picked the right one." @Theresa Welch sighs, "DEVASTATED.", and @Chase says, "Man you better get that after." @Patricia laughs, "The guy was to stunned to speak so he just screams." @Harry Hernandez made us laugh with, "Man he really wanted to go to BJs wholesale club. Tell him Costco is better.", as did @Castodiane with, "That is why I don't gamble hahaha!"

@Amy added, "The thing is… If he does the dishes for her… He’ll get one anyway." @jdrumm42 was thinking along the same lines when he advised, "Marriage hack...if you help with housework you don't need a card for BJs." @tmm20061 isn't wrong when she adds, "You need to do that sound “that’s when he knew ""

The comments were just as funny as the video. We're glad Ryan and Jen are always coming up with new ways to make us laugh!

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