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In-Laws' Reaction to Mom Bringing Her Daughter Over Is the Way It Should Be

If only all in-laws were this accommodating.

We love this video that @Kirsten shared of what happens when she texts her in-laws that she's bringing her toddler over for a visit! It's the sweetest, and the way it should be with all grandparents!

Sometimes the hardest part of marriage is dealing with in-laws, but that's clearly not the case here. Kirsten texts that she's bringing her 2-year-old over for a visit. She gets a picture back of a little table all set up for the girl, and a text saying that breakfast is ready for her!

We adored Kirsten's response, "LOL it's like she's staying at the Ritz" because grandbabies should be spoiled! And the response back, "Anything to make mama happy" is just as awesome! Kirsten's caption reads, "My two-year-old is really out here living her best life." and it sounds to us like she really is!

@Briana Drawdy wants to know where these special in-laws came from, "Where you get them? Amazon?" Kirsten responded back with, "Yes, I'll send the link!!" @Lynneswayne says, "It’s so refreshing to see a DIL who acknowledges and appreciates her in-laws!" @Nichole has a great relationship with her in-laws too, "This is my in laws, they preheat the pool two days in advanced for my son when he comes over. It’s the sweetest thing!" @J Gudger made us want to hug her when she shared, "Thank you for posting this video, my mother was exactly like that, for my daughter, and even though my Mom is gone, I have these happy memories. Thanks." 

We loved @Anna's comment, "My MIL is watching my son tomorrow morning while I go to the doctor. I texted her tonight for confirmation & she said, “yes ma’am, I’ll have his coffee ready when he gets here!” She’s the best!" We love all this in-law love! Thanks for sharing, Kirsten!

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