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Dad Explains the Real Meaning Behind Kids Saying 'I Want Mommy'

He's not wrong.

If you're a parent, you'll laugh out loud at this 6 second video that @malcolm0471 shared about a parenting truth!

Malcolm's videos are always funny and relatable, even though he doesn't say a word. There's always just text across the top of the video. He is always eating something, and some kind of laughing track is always playing. He also always pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose. What makes his TikToks so funny is he doesn't have to say anything because with just a few words, he shares a parenting, marriage, or life truth that is totally spot on! In this one, he explains what a kid means when they say, "I want mommy", and he's not wrong!

Yep, if you're a dad and your kid says, "I want mommy", that's the kid version of, "I'd like to speak to your supervisor." The accuracy of this video makes us laugh out loud! @Nina Whited thought so too and shared, "Yes sir, LMFAO! And that’s when we regulate!"

We aren't the only ones that got a kick out of this, commenters loved it too. @sylviaharriss agreed with Malcolm and added, "And when a child says, “I’m telling my daddy”. That‘s their way of calling the police. LOL". @Stacey Johnson made us laugh with, "Whyyy does this man have me “adjusting my glasses” with a secret FLIP OFF… and eye roll… to almost everybody now?!!! LOL!!!"

@Cupcake20036 had our favorite comment with, "And you sir won TikTok today!! This is the BEST!!!" We agree! He's hilarious and we love his videos!

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