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Woman's Joke About the Reality of Husbands Being Sick Is Spot-On

There's nothing worse than a man cold.

This one is for all the wifeys and girlfriends out there. We all know that there is literally nothing worse than the dreaded man cold. Moms get sick? We just go on about our day doing allthethings, just maybe a little more slowly than usual. Men get sick? The world stops spinning.

When we found @alexandramadison_'s TikTok parodying what happens when her husband gets sick, we LOLd because it is spot on! While it seems that her husband thinks he is on the verge of death, she's rolling her eyes because he's so dramatic. It hilarious!

Sure, she wants to try to take care of him and keep her husband happy. But by Day 2, she's totally over it even though he's just getting started. When he shoves tissue up his nose and then blows one side out? We've seen that happen! The best part though is at the end when she coughs and says she is going to kill him.

As you can imagine, some of the comments were just as funny as the video. @LizGtz642 shares, "This is me with my husband after his vasectomy. I’ve had THREE c-sections." @Flea laughs, "Now queue her getting same sick and still managing to clean the whole house." That's exactly what we thought! @Shelby's favorite part was "Quoting Kim K won’t heal me." We thought that was a nice touch, too. 

Men chimed in, too. @DW didn't seem amused when he comments with, "24 hours, I’m lucky if I get a Gatorade thrown at me if I’m lucky." @Andrew Sampson was trying to keep it serious, "The problem with 24 hours of sympathy is that it truly is worse on days 2 and 3." And @Brady Oliver keeps it real with, "The Man Cold is a real thing, however my wife only gives me 24 hours as well."

The banter goes back and forth, and the comments are worth reading. We're just wondering if the husband is going to come back with a video parodying something his wife does!