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Man's Sweet Way of Honoring His Wife at Her Funeral Is So Beautiful

The grief we experience from loss can be agonizing and all encompassing. That's why when life gives you a sign from above, you want to embrace it and honor it to the best of your ability. That's what one man did after the passing of his beloved wife. 

In this clip, TikToker SouthOfThe49th shares a sweet story about what happened the evening before his wife's funeral while trying to find a tie to wear to the service. Grab your tissues because this one bittersweet!

Such a sweet story! The way this man proudly wears that tie, you can tell he forever connected to her through the memories they share. It's incredible heart warming how he honors his wife's favorite color to keep her memory alive. She must be smiling. 

This video has the internet sobbing. One commenter, @maurakavanagh2, says, "That is a wonderful thing to do...what a happy memory at a sad time!" Viewer @bernadette1963 adds, "What a beautiful story at a dark time. She most definitely gave you a sign she is still with you." Indeed, it's the little things that remind us of our loved ones, and relationship shared never dies. In addition, this man's story seems to be bringing comfort to many other have experienced loss and grief, like user @mariannanicole1 for example who says, "Beautiful. Your stories always bring me comfort and peace. Thank you." 

His wife sure was a lucky lady to have a man so thoughtful and loving to be so happy and proud to celebrate the light and love that she embodied. This is the very essence of true love at its dearest.