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Husband's Reaction to Wife's Unfortunate Confession About Their Vacation Is Priceless

Ahhh, vacation. You know that feeling when you book a trip in advance and basically count down the days until the departure date arrives? You just know that every moment is going to be relaxing, magical, and perfect in every way. Of course, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans, particularly if you're a woman.

In a new video that's picking up steam on TikTok, a wife breaks some very unfortunate news to her husband about their upcoming trip to Mexico. The clip was shared on their joint couple's account, @sameandjessofficial, and let's just say this was the absolute LAST thing this dude wanted to hear about the tropical getaway he and his adoring partner are about to take. Any guesses as to what we're referring to? Let's just say the disappointment in this guy's voice says it all. 

LOL! Seriously? We get that he's worried about her not being able to go in the ocean, but come on. We all know that this man is way more concerned about the fact that "Aunt Flow's" visit will put quite the damper on their, ahem, bedroom activities. Needless to say, people who watched the clip are also surprised that this guy is so focused on swimming. One commenter, @ems noted, "The fact Sam just cares about the sharks 😂." LOL. And another TikTok user chimed in with, "Man has a point, sharks will be attracted to you, he chooses life 🤣." HA!

Some people had a few words of advice for how this woman can handle things. @Victoria Cinelli suggested, "If you’re on birth control, it’s so easy to skip your period for a month. You skip the iron/water pills at the end and just start the new pack. 😊" Then there was @Katrina, who joked, "Lol, tell him that's why God invented tampons 😂." 

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Despite the humor in this clip, however, many people pointed out what a great guy Sam is, being that he even said he was willing to reschedule the trip. We think user @ltamarhiraldo summed it up best by saying, "I’ve literally repeat this over 100 times !! HE’S SO SWEET!! Youuu are lucky sissss💗." She really is!

Of course, this is TikTok, and it sounds like Jess was actually just trying to pull a fast one on her unsuspecting hubby. In the comments, she explained,"Luckily, I was kidding and don’t start till after we get back 🙏." Haha, thank GOD! Whenever these two are taking their trip, we hope their Mexico vacation is enjoyable, full of romance, and most definitely shark-free!

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