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Husband and Wife Dress As Each Other for Halloween and Hilarity Ensues

Halloween is a time to dress up as your favorite character and go spelunking in your best costume ensemble. This year, one couple decided they'd swap fashion styles for Halloween. 

In this TikTok clip, @camishmoran and her husband reveal their new looks to each other, and they can't stop laughing. Honestly, after seeing this, we can't either! 

This is just too adorable, and hilarious! Dressing as your significant other is actually a pretty cool idea. We love it, and you can tell they are having a good time with it. 

Viewers from all over are also loving this! Commenter @billieraelambert0 said, “His laugh could power my small town for a week! Love this whole TikTok.” We must admit, that laugh is contagious! Another viewer, @marissaadams2 adds, “If my next relationship isn’t like this I don’t want it.” Seriously though! They seem like such a fun couple to be around. Oh and by the way, @sh3luvslay said what we're all thinking, “It’s the fact he really pulling it off tho.” Yeah, we have to admit that he does look pretty good!

The video caption reads, “We're betting the idea of going as your partner for Halloween could be a major trend for next year." Would you try it with your partner?"