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Husband Tells Wife a Girl Is Flirting with Him and Her Reaction Is Priceless

Apparently she knows she has no competition!

When you've been together with someone or married a long time, things that used to bother you don't really bother you anymore. @Nikki Hall's response to her husband in this TikTok proves our point.

Nikki and her husband are visiting a resort. She's sitting poolside, soaking up the sun. Soon after she gets a text. She checks her phone, and the text comes from her husband. He tells her another girl is flirting with him. She reads the text, and her reaction to this news is priceless!

She just puts her phone down like it's no big deal! We love this reaction and completely relate to it! Clearly, she trusts him, and she's not too concerned by this news. She'd rather continue to bask in the sun then worry about what he's up to. @Catherine says, "This is what we call confident." Nikki replied back to her with a simple, "Yes! You have to know your worth."

@rachred385 made us laugh with, "Lady just wants quiet time.", to which Nikki said, "You ma’am are absolutely correct." @Muscleface shares, "I’d say she planned on this being a drama free day lol just pretend like she didn’t read that." @Jaimie Doherty comes in with, "she does not give a damn! so chilled." to which Nikki responded, "Nobody is ruining my vacay!" Our favorite came from @LLJJ, "Can you keep entertaining him for a few hours - many thanks." Nikki's response was funny - "I could definitely use some alone time!"

All in all, commenters praised their healthy relationship. Nikki said it's built on trust and confidence. We wonder how the conversation went when hubby got back to the chairs where she was enjoying her day!

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