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Wife's Reaction to Husband Wearing Her Clothes Is Just Priceless

We totally love what she said.

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If you need a laugh, here it is. Micah of @micahandsarah made us LOL when he put on one of his wife's outfits to see what her reaction would be. Her reaction made us laugh too! You can tell these two have a lot of fun together!

Micah puts on a tight, pink crop top and daisy duke shorts. He's laughing as he looks in the mirror. He waits for her to walk out of the bathroom, and her reaction is too funny!

"Why does that kind of look good on you?" Her reaction was too cute! "What on god's green...", she was trying to process what she was seeing and couldn't even finish her sentence! "How do those shorts fit you?" 

Commenters laughed, too. @Bill Pappas laughs, "Let’s be honest, it’s not the first time you’ve done this." Micah replied, "You're not wrong." @clipboard532 adds, "I’m not gay but your husband looks good in your clothing!" @H_owy shared, "Bro had one too many hoodies borrowed, woke up and chose violence." Micah replied back with, "This comment is too accurate." He also admits, "The shorts were a struggle to get on." 

@Polite cat made us giggle with, "The fact she wasn't even gonna stop him from leaving the house like that makes it better." We thought so too! @Dispacker said what we were thinkin, "It's the "What The?" that gets me!" But our favorite came from @Music. Man, "It's a little cold for that outfit today. I loved this!" That was our favorite line, too!

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