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Husband's Joke About Being 'Terrified' of His Wife's Family Is LOL Funny

We totally get it.

We totally understand how this guy feels about his wife's family! @Alex Falcone and his wife are visiting her family for the holidays. He says they're lovely people, but he's got reasons for not wanting to spend a week with them, and we get it!

Alex starts off by saying that they're all "skinny, beautiful, outdoorsy people" and he's a "chubby indoor cat". He then goes on to describe how they don't eat enough, and sometimes don't even feel like having lunch, and that they want to do outdoor activities like snowshoeing. Then he talks about the reason they want him to go with them. The rest of the conversation is hilarious!

So funny, right? What kind of family doesn't eat all day long? We'd be down for two lunches too! And the reason they take him out on their adventures so that if they get stranded, they could eat him! 

@Sarah Elise North gets it, too and says, "I’m dying! My husband literally “pre games” Taco Bell before going to certain people’s homes for dinner." @ClareyFairyMarie adds, "The worst part is you just know they wouldn’t even appreciate how delicious you were…they’d just be like “food is fuel” and move on." @ohhthehorrors made us laugh with, "Luckily my wife’s family has celiac disease and I’m full of gluten, so I’m safe!"

@Cassie Lloyd had our favorite comment, "Ahhh my hobbit friend, I see you’ve married into an elfin family. Good luck and say goodbye to second breakfasts!" If you come from a family of eaters and marry into a family of non-eaters, visiting is always hard!

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