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Wife's Reaction to Husband's Sexual Joke While Holiday Shopping Is Priceless

You have to appreciate this dude's sense of humor.

It isn't often that we watch a TikTok and literally 'laugh out loud', but when we watched @the_adam_drake's eight second video he shot in Walmart, we absolutely did! And we laughed every time we watched it again (which was more than once!) 

If you can't laugh when you're married, you're doing it wrong. Having a sense of humor is one of the things that will help you stay married. Adam and his wife were recently out shopping, and he spotted something that he couldn't pass up the opportunity to joke about. He asks his wife, "You know what I wanna be doing later tonight?" and she says she doesn't know, so he shows her.

Like we said, we laughed out loud! 'Boppin' Beaver'! You can tell by his wife's reaction that they've been married awhile, and that this wasn't the first joke like this - and definitely not the last - that she's heard.

Commenters were laughing too. @lljlbc isn't wrong when he says, "Every man has seen that look." @Scott Lee knows what that look means, "She said good luck with that." @The Tax Guy is looking on the bright side when he notices, "She didn't say no." was on the same page, "So you're telling me there's a chance!" @Taffy made us laugh when she asks, "No update video?!?!" Adam replied back and it was just as funny, "TikTok guidelines wouldn't let me show what we did that night."

@Rocket tries to keep it serious with, "I don't understand why all these wives act like they hate that their husbands are into them and want them." Adam keeps it light though, "She appreciates that I'm in love with her and want her, but I will admit, she hears these kinds of things sooooo much from me!" Like we said, you have to keep laughter in the marriage!

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