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Woman Shares All the Romantic Things Her Husband Did While Cheating on Her

Did we mention he was cheating with men?

Ouch! @livingbeautiful shared a TikTok that most of us never want to deal with in our relationships. It's about all the romantic, extravagant things her husband did while he was cheating on her...with other men.

The video starts out with Jaz saying she's going to share the things hubby did while he was "hooking up with dudes off Craigslist." Some of the things are pretty crazy!

Wow, right? From tattoos of her face and her dog that passed away, to expensive gifts and trips, the hubby was doing everything he could to keep her from discovering the truth. He even planned their marriage proposal! 

In just a few days, the video has gotten 3.5 million views, and commenters had a lot to say of course. There are thousands of comments! Some commiserated with her while others were shocked. @Lima said, "I had a man who was OBSESSED w/ me for 4 years, I went through his phone & there was grindr. I will never understand." @Bruno Cambolo was surprised, "OFF CRAIGSLIST?!? That’s wild!" @naurfrommebabes admits, "As someone who is on grindr, sometimes the dudes will admit that they had a wife after we already did our business." @cantfindl says, "People don’t realise sometimes all the lavish and ‘romantic’ acts are guilt or overcompensation."

So many commenters wanted story time; how did she know or find out? @Livvy said, "Trusting the algorithm to bring me back for story time." @Katie also wants to know, "I thought Craigslist was for old furniture sales! Story time!" @Friends shared, "Please give us a story time. My ex admitted that he was in love with a man and only dated me to get over him." 

We checked out Jaz's page, and turns out she shared how she found out before she shared all of these romantic things. Turns out she had a feeling, checked his work phone, and found some sent messages with some details that proved it all. And he admitted that he was confused. Best of luck to you Jaz!

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