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Husband Is the Ultimate Hype Man for His Postpartum Wife

This guy is a true gem.

Bringing home a brand-new baby is exhausting for both new mom and new dad. Moms tend to bear the brunt of the responsibility of caring for a new baby, but sometimes you get lucky enough to have a partner like @ashleyklemieux has. And she isn't shy about telling us all why he is so great!

Ashley shares a video with a caption that reads "My postpartum king" and it's titled 'Things my husband does postpartum that nobody sees." She then goes on to list all the wonderful things he does to help and support her. They need to clone this man!

Isn't it sweet? He does a cute little dance with the dog to help her celebrate how much she's breast pumped. Then he cleans out her pump so it's ready for her to use again at 2 AM. He brings her her Tucks a hundred times a day (you men might not get what she needs them for, but every woman who's had a vaginal birth totally knows what they're for), he researched and bought the best baby products, tells his new daughter how great her mom is, found a local baker that sells lactation cookies, and checks in on his wife. He's pretty much the ideal new dad!

Commenters thought that he was a gem too. One commenter says, "You're very well blessed He’s a keeper!" @Lynne agrees, "You’re blessed with a good man!!!" @505Granny isn't wrong when she says, "Every woman’s dream!" 

And @w. is all of us when she shares, "You keep this man. You hit gold. Congrats on the beautiful little bundle of joy!" We couldn't agree more. Congrats to you Ashley and your hubby on your beautiful baby girl!

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