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Woman Rescues Husband After He 'Pooped Himself' and the Story Is Priceless

Hey, it happens to the best of us.

Listen, there is no way most husbands would let their wives post a video like the one that @delainecrim posted for the whole internet to see, describing how her husband "pooped" himself!

The video starts with Delaine explaining that her 48-year-old husband sent her a '911' from playing pickleball and asked her to please come and pick him up because he had an accident. She doesn't seem at all surprised by this but does want to know how it happened. Because you know, grown men don't usually have accidents in public.

His retelling of the story is pretty funny! How she's not complaining about the smell in the car is beyond us! We're glad she remembered to have him sit on a towel since it was 'mudpie' from the waste down. At least he was laughing about it and not crying!

Clearly these two have been married for a while and we aren't the only ones who think so. @smccoy1925 laughs, "Tell me you’ve been married a long time without telling me." @Nancy Evenson shares, "My sister texted me "I've had an accident, help" I knew no cars were involved." It happens to the best of us! @Stabes admits, "LMAO - I lost it at crowning!" @jillywack groans, "That had to smell so bad in the car." Yuck! @Amy Magatzzz thought the same thing, "And you don't complain once of the smell? No windows open? I don't buy it." We get that and kinda thought the same thing.

@amyshouts had our favorite comment, "Poop of shame. Damn critters poking out!" The way he described the whole situation with critters was pretty hilarious! 

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