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Wife's Funny Account of Her Husband 'Not Loving Her' Is Going Viral

Something tells us he'll eventually cave.

If you're married, you'll totally get this video that @wineoclockmum, also known as Claire, shared where she expresses why her husband doesn't love her. Wives everywhere have said something similar at least once!

Claire is holding her adorable baby when she tells us that this morning her husband told her that he doesn't love her anymore. If our husband said that, we'd look a lot more upset about it. But then her husband, from somewhere off camera yells, "That's not what I said." What he did say was a little bit different.

What he said was "I'm not getting you a Mulberry bag." Claire replies with, "Same thing." That made us LOL! Her caption reads, "Christmas ruined", but we bet she ends up getting her new bag!

In less than a day Claire's video has racked up more than a million views, and commenters had some things to say. @Realsteelbullyz1 shows her support with, "It’s truly the same thing. The man’s cruel beyond words." Several other commenters backed Claire up and agreed with her that it is indeed the same thing.

@Sophie laughs, "He was not holding back his rage at your audacity to lie!" @Louise shares, "I have a lovely wee collection of Mulberry’s, all bought myself and my god it feels good. Buy the bag and wear it like the queen you are!" @Naomi Joeleyn Good agrees, "I know this is a joke. But always be the woman who can buy yourself the mulberry bag! X" 

@Me! made us laugh when she tried to look on the bright side by saying, "Mulberry is so last year anyway darling." Women always have each other's backs!

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