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Wife's Depiction of Her Husband's 'Man Cold' Is All Too Relatable

Yep, this is totally accurate!

If you've been married for a while, you're going to love @tiffanyandmike's parody of what happens when your husband gets sick with the dreaded man cold.

When mom gets sick, we all know that she just takes some medicine and keeps going. There is always so much to do: kids to get to school, meals to cook, laundry to be done, and all of the other things moms do. But when dad gets sick? Well, that's a different story. Dad lays in bed, pathetic and sad, and acts like he might not make it. Of course, we're just kidding, and so are Tiffany and Mike. But their TikTok is still very funny because it's so accurate! 

Oh, poor Mike! He's so sick and he needs some hot chocolate in his life and for his wife to coddle and care for him. Too funny! Commenters got a kick out of it too. @Kelly gets it and says, "Man colds are real." His comment got 146 likes, so he's not the only one who thinks so!

@Puppie626 has been there done that, "The struggle is real, worse than childbirth any day", with laughing emojies following. @Hairybox246 says, "My god you take care of him, and he could be out of action for weeks!" @flouridepickledpaddies almost didn't survive his man cold, "Oh that was me last week. Thank god I pulled out of it so I can tell the story. Save who you can. You never know when it will get you." At least everybody could see the video for what it was - making fun of the man cold stereotype!

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