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The Way This Man Looks at His Wife after 35 Years Of Marriage Is Everything

Take note, guys!

You wanna talk relationship goals? Because even after 35 years, @Social Scorpion's parents are still nailing them. 

Sometimes after you've been married a long time, it's hard to keep that fire burning. But not for her parents - you can tell just by watching this video that they still have it going on! And if you doubt it, her caption reads, "’s shmexual tension in the family hallway" We love it!

The look on her dad's face tells you exactly what he's thinking about. You can tell how much he loves - and lusts - for his wife. And this is after 35 years of marriage! You men out there need to take note!

@Erin Wright claims, "This is the best video I've seen on this app since I've opened it and that was like a couple years ago." Social Scorpion replies back proudly, "They’re the blueprint!" @doodlemom84 says, "Ummmm it’s actually alarming how sweet this is!! He loves her so much!" @GigiofAtlanta2020 notices, "Beside how great they are, look at that grandma love too! This house full of love!!!" We agree!

Another commenter is spot on with, "#goals Mama's smile is priceless and him looking at her is partly why she gets to smile like that! Beautiful!" @tiffanycupp316 admits, "Bwahahahah! I’m so happy this came up on my FYP. Favorite umpire in the state right there." Social Scorpion's reply was our favorite, "Also his face this morning when he found out this blew up!" We wish we could've seen dad's face! 

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