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Husband's Complaint Over Wife Not Making His 'Jalapeno Popper's Is Mind-Blowing

People don't know what to make of this.

Is this guy for real? @teamdoubleg16 posted this video of her charming husband in the kitchen.

The clip shows her darling husband making jalapeno poppers to have while watching a football game. His attitude leaves a lot to be desired. How his wife even remains as calm as she does during this discussion is well beyond us. 

If you're like us, you probably don't even know what to say to this. It's insanity! And with over 1.4 million views and 14,000 comments, it's clear that we aren't the only ones that think the way this guy talks to his wife is wrong. 

One commenter, @k_soyun exclaims, "This is the most passive aggressive argument I've ever witnessed." @Liz Carter laughed and said, "Him mansplaining why you should treat him like a child." @Kelly Mainor shared, "The ATTITUDE!!!!!! No sir." And we agree with @Amanda Sikorski who says, "I want to think this is a joke… but it doesn’t seem like it is. The AUDACITY of this man is astonishing… the more I watched it, the angrier I got." Same Amanda, same.

Not sure if you caught it, but he mentions her 'treatment' in air quotes. That treatment he's referring to? His wife has cancer, and she had some type of treatment to help with that. So not only is he insensitive, but he's also acting like a bully. @weezwoo isn't wrong with, "Boy, if your wife has cancer expect nothing from her but for her to rest and hope she gets better. That added a whole new layer to this."

@K8ymonster hits the nail on the head with, "It sounds like he's missing a few steps here to get to the relationship he is wanting. Mainly equal respect and effort on his part towards his wife." Preach it! This guy definitely doesn't deserve the wife he has...he's lucky to be married!

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