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Wife Totally Freaks Out After Husband Leaves Without Saying 'I Love You'

We'd feel the same way!

We love a good parody, and @Alex and Jon always have the best ones! They have the whole marriage situation and all the funny things that come with it nailed and have a knack for poking fun at it.

In this one, Jon is heading out, and asks Alex if she needs anything. She says no, and so he says "see ya later" and she says "Okay love you, bye!" as he shuts the door. And he doesn't say 'I love you' back! Her reaction is too funny!

"What if he dies?" "Oh great! Now I'm gonna have to start dating again!" "What picture am I going to use for my dating profile? Oh wait, actually there is this good one...." Alex is too funny! Then he comes back and says he forgot his wallet, but in the caption, she writes, "It's more likely he came back to poop." The accuracy here of marriage or really in any long-term relationship!

Commenters had lots to say about this spoof. @Vane is spot on with, "Everything about this is more accurate than I’d like to admit, especially the end!" So true! @Jo Johnson hit the nail on the head with, "So we are all the same?!" and the couple replies back, "Apparently LOL". @mizzusday shared, "I call mine and remind him while he's in the driveway." We're guilty of that too!

We like @MondaysTea's suggestion, "Do one where they hang up first!!!! Like, excuse me? I hang up on you!!!" @Mariadelosangeles Nu adds, "So dramatic yet true!! That's enough!! LOL!" And @Jennifer says what we're all thinking with, "Lmao omggg...I swear your videos are my life!" They really are all of us!

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