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Husband Tries Cheesy Pick-Up Lines on His Wife With Comical Results

Just about every woman knows what it's like to be on the receiving end of pick-up line advances from some guy when they're out and about just trying to mind their own business. Some of them are so cheesy, you have to wonder who these lines are actually working well for. However one couple decided to take these cheesy pick-up lines and 

TikTok couple Hannah and Regal share a video of what happens when a husband randomly tries tacky pick-up lines on his wife, and let's just say, it's hilarious!

This couple is so adorable! You can tell that these two have a lot of fun together, and her facial expressions are hilarious! She definitely didn't expect to hear these coming from him. Sometimes it's the little things that makes us laugh that brighten up our day. 

From the comments, it seems many viewers agree as well. Commenter @amyknight882 says, "That genuine concern when you yelled owwww! "User @daniella.akpos adds, "It made her smile, and happy that's something she will never forget. Stay blessed y'all."  Finally, @countneroelric says, "I so dig this as a single dude. 99% of people in relationships forget to flirt with their partner, leaving it to someone else. Excellent life lesson."

Even though these pick-up lines aren't the most clever, they're still funny and endearing when you hear them from the one you love most. If you can't be goofy with your significant other then you're seriously missing out! This couple is #relationshipgoals for sure! 

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