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Wife Catches Husband Cheating and People Are Hungry for an Update

She really can't leave us hanging.

If you're a fan of the tea, @jolly_good_ginger found some, and it is major drama! He shares a TikTok that Sarah had shared on her page, and we are all there for it now!

It starts with Sarah looking for her husband Dereck. Apparently, Dereck told his wife Sarah that he's been sleeping in his car at night. Sarah found his car in a random parking lot, but he wasn't in it. She wonders if maybe he left the car there and had Courtney (her friend) pick him up? Then she says she's going to go check to see if he's at Courtney's house. That's when the video ends, and Jolly Good Ginger jumps back in. 

Is Dereck cheating on us? Did she go to Courtney's, and what did she find there? We have so many questions! And as Jolly Good Ginger says, "And after everything we've been through Sarah, don't leave us like this." We are all invested now! 

Now this TikTok has been viewed more than 40 million times, has over 5 million likes, and more than 34 thousand comments! People are there for the tea! @Kai says, "“If Derek is out cheating on us…” you just made my day!" @Sam Nhek is all of us with, "I need to knowwww!!!!" @Sketer Robinson laughs, "The comments are bussing! We dressed for Courtney's house - we waiting on ya Sarah!!!"

We're not gonna lie, we had to know more. So we headed over to Jolly's page to find the rest of the tea, um, story. There's an update from Sarah and Dereck even joins the conversation! If you want more, you can head to his page - there are several different videos!

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