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Man Shares the Special Way He Sets Up Morning Coffee for His Blind Husband

It's the little things that let people know you care.

This post from @matthewandpaul is literally the sweetest thing we've seen on TikTok in a long time! They say it's the little things that are most important, and we definitely believe that after watching Matthew's morning ritual he created for Paul.

Paul is blind, so his husband helps make things a little easier for him with many different day-to-day tasks. One that Matthew enjoys is setting up coffee for him every morning. He describes the process, and notes that consistency is key. 

So sweet! @Monica Lopez agrees, "This is the sweetest cutest TikTok I’ve seen today!" And when Paul says, "Matthew that's gross!" that made us smile! You can tell they are a fantastic couple and pair. @AngeliMSnisank has a lovely comment, "We all know Paul can do everything by himself but it's very sweet how you make all these things to make things easier for him." Well said!

Commenters seem to know the couple well, whether personally or through the TikToks they've shared. @NanookS shares, "I love that Paul does so much himself! Here again he shows that blindness doesn’t mean being incapable! And thumbs up for M as well." @Couldnotbeworse exclaims, "I often forget he’s blind and the way he looks away while doing things freaks me out!" to which Matthew replied, " too!" 

@deontaygray made happy (and we want to know too!) when he asks, "I love all of y’all’s videos. Also does he know what he looks like? He’s so cute!" We love this comment from @Iamtracey who says, "I really look forward to seeing your videos. Your love for each other is so inspiring." We agree! Talk about #couplegoals.