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Woman Finds Her Husband Having an Affair with Her Best Friend with the Kids Around

These two have some nerve.

What would you do if you found your spouse having an affair with your best front of your kids? That's exactly what happened to @Rebekah, and she spills the beans about how she caught them.

While this video is part 3 of her story, she's responding to a commenter who said, "I watched both parts thinking the story was about how she caught them... it was literally everything but lol". So in this part, she tells how it all went down when she caught the cheaters in action.

She started to get a feeling that something was up between her then-husband and BFF. Over about a 6-week period, she started paying attention and there were signs that something was going on. They were too comfortable around each other. And on the day she caught them, she definitely knew something was going on and she listened to her gut. A voice in her head (she called it the holy spirit, we call it intuition) told her to go look out her bedroom window, and she caught her then-husband making her BFF "hum, but with a c". And the rest is history.

Commenters were shocked by the circumstances. @Oliva Claridge819 said surprised, "In your home? In front of your kids?? In the kiddie pool???? It just got worse and worse. I’m so sorry". @Summer Andrews added, "She didn’t go in with you to make dinner", with a red flag emoji. @Jeslia Laborin offered a bit of wisdom, "In Spanish we have a saying “ojo de loca no se equivoca” that means “the eyes of a crazy woman are never wrong”". If you listen to your gut, it's almost never wrong.

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