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'Love Expert' Reveals How Men Feel When They Are Truly in Love

Ladies, have you ever wondered what a man was *really* thinking? Let's not kid ourselves here, we ALL have wondered that, and we all are well aware that many men aren't always the best at sharing their feelings. However, one man on TikTok is helping us out. 

Self described love expert Brody gives us the scoop on how men feel when they are truly in love with you, and what he has to say is pretty insightful. 

What he's saying makes a lot of sense. When a man really cares about you, he genuinely wants to do everything in his power to ensure that you are happy and set in life. Through history, men have assumed responsibility for women's safety and resources, so that's what many men tend to put more focus on. 

However, in the comments we can see that some women aren't feeling that type of energy from the men in their lives. One viewer,@lidia_bella.italiana, shares, "Maybe they should call and contact more... build more of a consistent connection. If you feel like that for someone, then show it." This is pretty straightforward advice, and it may be simple for us to execute, but scientific evidence has shown that there is a gap between how men and women process and show emotions. Basically, when men are in love, they show it in their own way, which is often different from how women typically show their love. 

That said, to help you navigate through any confusion or mystery, you can tap into what your gut is telling you as well. If you're straight up not feeling the love, that's a sign there may be a problem. Commenter @_shontanette_ informs, "Men will show you through his actions how he really feels about you."

There are many nuances and moving parts to how men and women communicate with each other in romantic relationships. It's critical to be as open, honest, and sincere with each other as possible so you know where the other one stands. If you're a compatible match, this shouldn't be too much of a problem. If it is a problem, maybe that's something that should be evaluated further.