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Couple's Unconventional Hotel Sleeping Arrangements Make Us LOL

Lucy and Desi for the win!

@keepupwithkatie keeps it real in this TikTok about her and her husband's sleeping arrangements at a hotel. Sometimes you just have to work with what you've got!

Her video starts by explaining that her and her husband of 31 years are at a hotel somewhere and that they were in a room where a king-sized bed wasn't available. So they make do with two queen sized beds.

Yep, we get it! It's nice to be able to have your own space sometimes...especially after sleeping with someone else in the same bed for over 30 years! This made us LOL because she's not only making light of the situation, but also poking fun at their long marriage. One of the hash tags she put in her caption is #marriagegoals, and she's right!

We were surprised by the number of commenters who said that they also do this...even at home. @gkj says, "100% It's more common than people think." @HeatherB_T shares, "I always book 2 beds. Separate beds at home too. Best decision ever." @Jen made us laugh with, "I always get two beds and tell my husband that’s all they had available." And @suehabas940 keeps it real, "Always! Even at's too much closeness after 40 years."

@Todd Cherry surprised us with, "My wife and I have separate bedrooms. No kids. 2 king beds. It’s the key to our happiness. I promised her forever. Not every second." Forever, not every second. Makes sense!

Overall, commenters were either in the same boat or loved the idea. One commenter asked, "We’ve been together 23 years and sleep together. Why apart?" Katie actually answered the question in a separate TikTok, explaining that at home they do sleep together but that's it's nice to have some space!