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Woman's Joke About Boyfriend's Hotel Room Tour Has People Talking

Having a boyfriend or girlfriend away on a business trip can make anyone feel a bit uneasy. It's understandable to miss their presence and wonder what they are up to and how they're spending their time during the trip. The conversation of "Will there be other women involved?" may come up, which may warrant a few sorta joking but sorta serious comments. When does joking go too far? 

In this clip, @jessicaaranibar shares footage from her boyfriend giving her the hotel room tour. As he's checking in, his girlfriend is "checking out" a few things of her own. 

There are clearly some trust issues in this relationship. When did booking a hotel room with two bed equal cheating? That could have been all they had available. How cringy and embarrassing that he actually felt the need to explain that part. 

Well, it appears that this gentleman's girlfriend isn't the only one with trust issues.  User @tiktokworld994 says, "Not me scanning the room trying to find evidence. I even focused on his shadow," and @faux_paw says, "My ex would’ve made me open the fridge to make sure a girl wasn’t in there." Some viewers are calling it out right. Commenter @dee37101 says, "You both deserve better. Clearly you have trust issues and forcing someone to prove things to you is not ok either. Good luck." Well said! 

It can be hard to deal with the separation when your partner is away on a business trip. However, if you feel the need to scope out their hotel room via video to check for signs of cheating, you might have more to worry about than another woman. 

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