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Woman's Embarrassing Bathroom Experience With New Boyfriend Is Classic

Oh honey, we've all been there.

We've all been there. The first time we had to poop in the presence of a new boyfriend or girlfriend. It's embarrassing and it's not fun. Poop anxiety is real! Now imagine that your "backed up" and can't actually do it without some assistance. That's exactly what happened to @Elli Rallo, and she shares all of the embarrassing deets. 

Now imagine not only having to poop, but then having to ask your new significant other to go get you medicine to help you do it...on a time crunch. This story is one of those you really couldn't make up, and you can't help but feel her pain (thankfully, not literally!) 

Poor Eli! She's in pain, she needs something to make her go poop (within a half an hour because they have dinner plans) and she has to use an 'anal suppository' with her boyfriend right outside the bathroom. We'd be mortified!

@Demeter caught on to the limited time Eli had and said, "Half hour?!? Buddy had trust in that suppository!" We thought the same! @Waffles Howell asked what we all wanted to know, "How did you make it to dinner a half hour later!!!!!!" @Shannon agreed and added, "This is the answer I want! Like it worked that fast AND you were just ready to go right after??" 

But what surprised us about the comments was everybody asking about the makeup she's using! @NicoleCD814 says, "What is everything you use here? Looks great!" @Julia Beard asks, "What is the brand and color of that eyeshadow? I love it!" And @Chase Elizabeth begs, "Need you to link your makeup faves!! Glowing!" @Gina Sloman adds, "I can’t believe at age 31 I’m one of these people but: tell us about the makeup bestie!"

We guess the next thing Eli needs to do is a makeup tutorial!

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