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Video Parody of Typical 'Holiday Love' Movies Has Us Laughing Out Loud

This is so accurate it's amazing!

Listen, @treykennedy always brings the laughs, and his parodies usually hit the nails right on the head. And he does it again with this video that makes fun of the cheesy holiday movies that we all know and love and binge watch. No? Just me? I thought it was everybody!

From the big city girl who needs a change and her sassy BFF to the small-town handsome bachelor who's a small business owner, it's like Trey had a checklist of what happens throughout these movies - and he checked off every box! 

If you didn't get it, you've obviously never watched these cheesy movies because this is SPOT.ON. And TikTokers couldn't get enough of it. @mack chuckles, "“Am I at the bakery that I own?” Stoppppp HAHAHAH" and @hermione follows it up with, "The tea towel over the shoulder!" @Sarah the Intuitive caught the "Cherry Pie 5k" and we laughed at that too! In fact, we laughed throughout the entire video! And we'd totally watch this movie if it ever became a movie.

Trey left commenters wanting more! @Sarah Elizabeth admitted "I’d watch this! My guilty pleasure sadly is cheesy Hallmark movies!" (we told you we weren't alone!) while @Courtney says "" meaning he covered every single angle of every single girl meets boy holiday movie. 

And this commenter, @Ellisse32 racked up over 4,000 likes with her comment, "Can't forgot the ending where she quits her job to open her own publishing company, sells it as her 1st book, and it becomes an instant best seller." We're dying!

Now that we've got cheesy holiday movies on the brain, is it too early to start watching them?