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Woman Has a Laugh Over 'Hinge' Date Leaving After 45 Seconds

At least the guy was honest.

If you've ever had a date ditch you, you'll totally get how @Raych feels in this short video she shared. If you've never had a date ditch you, this will make you cringe before you laugh!

Raych doesn't share any details about her Hinge date, and her video is only 5 seconds long but has more than 2 million views in less than a day! Her face, and her description of the scene, pretty much says it all.

She met her Hinge date, and 45 seconds later, he left to go "move his car" and didn't come back. Instead, he sent her a text saying that he was sorry, but he wasn't feeling it. What a jerk, right! And with more than 4 thousand comments, we weren't the only ones who thought so.

Comments were all over the place. Some shared similar stories, some asked questions, and some empathized with Raych. @Nada asked, "Please tell me you responded with something like “Oh thank God, I wasn’t either", while another commenter said, "I would have responded with who’s this?" Perfect responses! @Polly Pocket Collector laughed, "Moved his car all the way back home!" @Abbi Enriquez kept it real with, "I have sat through dates where I was severely cat fished to protect feelings & because I’m not a garbage human. Lol idk how people would do that." @Joe added, "Girl you got nexted LOL". Raych replied back with, "Omg one of my friends literally said, “Did he think he was on next?!”"

Our favorite comment came from @Dolly, and she got 4,367 likes for her straight to the point comment, "The dating pool is really at rock bottom". Maybe staying single isn't a bad thing!

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