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Woman Gives Hinge 'One Last Try' and Total Chaos Ensues

This is legitimately straight out of a movie.

Y'all, we can't make this stuff up. If you think you've had a bad date before, this is probably going to top it. @Missy Peterson shared a video describing her recent date from hell, and it's like right out of a movie! 

Missy is single and decided to give the dating app Hinge one last try. And she scored! She met an awesome guy who was good looking and had "his shit together." So of course when he asks her to dinner, she jumps at the chance. They meet for dinner, have amazing conversation, and she said they had a great time. It was a good date! Until it wasn't. What happens next, well, we'll let her tell you what happens after the date!

Can you believe it? That kind of stuff only happens in the movies, right? His girlfriend. Shows up. Finds them. Gets out of her car. And.Starts.Hitting.Him. CRAZY! But the best part of this entire story is that girlfriend recognizes her from TikTok!

Missy apologizes to girlfriend both on scene, and again when she shares her story on TikTok. And her fans have her back and enjoyed hearing the story. @AlliExO says, "Dating is taking a walk in the park...Jurassic Park." @LauraWigHil exclaims, "Well, at least she was cool to you!" @QueenBee shares, "I had this happen TWICE except it was their wife! Happened 10 years apart. I’m done dating!" We would be, too!

But what about the girlfriend? We want to hear from the girlfriend, and so did @Sandy, "You and she should da gone out for a drink together and left him there alone." @Jen  said, "Not me in here looking for her to see if she’s been in to comment yet. Hey Girl!" And girlfriend does comment! @Back to business gave us the update we were waiting for! The EX-girlfriend of the cheater chimed in and said, "I DUMPED HIM. Omg! It was a night!!! The highlight was meeting you!"

Missy's date story was a fun one to hear about, but definitely NOT one we'd want to experience first-hand!