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Woman's 'Out of a Movie' Horror Hinge Date Has Us in Awe

It's easy to think you've heard it all in dating horror stories, but lo and behold, someone always pulls up with a winner. 

TikToker @thewellnutt shares a story about a guy she met on a dating app and what turned out to be what she describes as the most horrible "out of a movie" date situation that she has ever experienced, and let's just say, it's a doozy! 

There are many creeps lurking on dating apps, but we can understand how this woman felt a connection with this guy because he knew immediate members of her family. Surely, if he was trouble, her family would already know about it, right? Well, not necessarily. Obviously this guy is a compulsive liar and took her for a fool. A fool, she was not! 

Support is rolling in from viewers who are just as shocked and appalled with her date's actions and what lengths some people are willing to go through to pull some shady business. User @mlr036 says, "It’s not even the 2 dates for me. It’s the immediate lying. When someone lies that easily, I’m OUT." Well said! There's zero excuse for lying. Commenter @bigeasy44 adds, "Gotta love the dating pool in Chicago," and  @thestezys says, "Unreal that he could lie so easily! Good for u for calling him out girl! Thank you next!" 

Ladies, be careful out there, because audacity is at an all time high and you need to be able spot those red flags from a mile away. 

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