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Man Shares Clear Sign That You'll Be in a Happy Relationship

Are you setting yourself for happiness in a relationship? We all want to be happy in our personal connections with people, but is there a way to know whether or not you will be happy in a romantic relationship? One man shares a bit of insight on the topic. 

In this video, TikToker Julian is giving the one clear sign that will set you up for happiness within a relationship, and suffice it to say, it's very enlightening. 

I have to say that I wasn't expecting that as the reason, but when you think about it, his message does make total sense. When you have a deep enough connection with someone, and you feel safe and supported enough to be vulnerable, that's when you know you can trust them and let your guard down. We are our most authentic and happy selves when we around those we know we can relax into an unguarded energy. 

It looks as though many viewers resonate with Julian's advice as well. Commenter @latinpeople says, "Your knowledge and the words you share, just might put me in a place to find the love that I never could…ty." User @tenwholebees shares, "After 6 years of abuse and 3 of being single again, I found someone who genuinely makes me feel safe and secure as myself." That's awesome! Lastly, user @ilickmarbles shares a fundamental thought, "That's not fundamental to love - that is what love IS." Spot on discernment! 

In a relationship, happiness in a relationship can be manifested in many ways, but the very foundation is knowing you are safe to be vulnerable and humanly flawed and still loved as you are. 

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