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Man's Reaction to Guy Checking Out His Girlfriend Is Totally Brilliant

This sure beats getting bent out of shape about it.

We've all had it happen - catching someone checking out our significant other. Most people get upset by it, some are proud about it, but we absolutely love how @LGNDFRVR handles the situation...he makes money off of it!

LGNDFRVR and his girlfriend were out and about. He caught some random guy checking her out as she walked past him. The way he handled the situation is legendary, and hilarious!

That was probably the easiest 100 bucks he's ever made! We love how he handled the entire situation from start to finish. He could've gone up to the guy and started yelling, but he took the high road, and got paid for doing it! The fact that he got a kiss and a phone number probably made the other guy's head explode! @Terry Turner said, "The kiss put a stamp on it!"

Commenters enjoyed it too, and with over 19 million views, there were a lot of great comments. Like this one from @NormieGuitarist, "This is an amazing way to handle it. No violence no belittling." @Mexico.13 liked it and said, "Teamwork makes the dream work!"

Others thought this was planned. @Ashley Lauren says, "We all know this was planned.", as does @GorieGuy who commented, "Thank goodness he had that third person to hold the phone in this 100% real situation. Lol"

@Perla Alfaro cracked us up with, "That guy is watching this video like give me my money back." The best comment came from @Laney Moon who laughs as she shares, "When he sees y’all get in the same car though after!" Unfortunately it didn't happen, though. LGNDFRVR responded and said he walked him. It's probably better that way. The other guy could've followed them and really caused some problems wanting his money back!